Service Specials

Diesel Maintenance Bundle
Prepare for Winter!
Diesel Oil Change Special


Up to 15 Qts of Full Synthetic Oil

Oil Filter

Tire Rotation

Vehicle Inspection

Synthetic Oil Change + Tire Rotation Package


Includes 6 qts of fully synthetic Oil + Tire Rotation + Vehicle Inspection


Increase gas mileage and go longer between oil changes with fully synthetic oil.


Free Alignment Check with Any Set of Tires

Buy Any Set Of Tires And Receive A Free Alignment Check

Proper Alignment Can:

  • Help Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduce Expensive Auto Repairs
  • Make for Smoother Driving
  • Improve Vehicle Safety
  • Increase the Life of Your Tires
Batteries - Receive 5 Years of Warranty!

Most batteries only come with a 3 year warranty but purchase one from Gregg Young Automotive of Lincoln and we’ll give you a 5 year warranty on all installed batteries.

Brake Pad Replacement

$129 per axle

Includes removal of old brake pads and replacement of new ones.

Squealing, Grinding or Vibrations When Braking Could Indicate That You Need New Brake Pads!